January 16, 2005

Warning! Religion chat ahead...

Today's Sunday and I'm one of those churchgoing people. As I'm trying to wake up this morning, my Mom yells up to me (oh, yeah, I live with mommy and daddy still, it's a money thing) she asks if I want to go out to Brunch, which of course I do. Zokay, I can do church later this evening. Sunday brunch at this restaurant, it's called The Store, I highly reccommend. It's in Basking Ridge, if you're within 20 mins of it please go someday.

Well, the Steelers pulled it through, barely. I thought the Jets had it at the end, But they came through. (Yeah, I'm a Steeler fan in Jets land...well actually this is Giants land, but nobody talks about them these days.)

So, anyway, I'm Catholic (yes, it's all my fault) and I go to Mass on Sunday. But at some point last year I found myself going to a tradtional Latin Mass at a chapel I found about 20 mins. from home. It was a trip going the first time, it was amusing trying to follow along, not just because I couldn't understand the Latin, but also the fact that a lot of the parts were changed considerably. But I caught on after a while. But whats real cool is everyone's attitude there. Everybody looks as if they want to be there, they pay attention instead of looking all bored. (Although I thought I did hear someone snoring today.) There are no screaming kids, because parents take control of their kids and are kind enough to take a rambunctious child out to the vestibule to calm down. Nobody sneaks out right after communion. So I keep on trekking up there on Sundays. Go to www.latinmass.org if you want to find a Latin Mass near you.
*Pax Domni sit semper vobiscum.*

now go and have a good week!

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