January 18, 2005

Just checking in if you don't mind

I would love to write graceful writings here. And today, and especially tonite, there's good blog fodder, indeed. I'm sorry you'll have to wait, this constant yawning is overtaking me (i just inhaled myself)
I need sleep. I need beer.

No, wait...I don't need any more beer.

I just need to go on and run the event's of the day thru tonight's dream cycle (and i won't forget the fabric softener this time) ...as i grow even more weary. You will have to wait till morning for my daily reflections. In like manner, I will wait to watch tonight's episode of "24" which i had taped (so DON'T tell me what happened! STOP IT i said! blahblahblah ican'thearyou ican'thearyou blahblahblah)

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