January 16, 2005

Rightly Avoiding Futility

Right now I could go to a job interview. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything scheduled. There's no appointment that I'm blowing off. But, Jimmy's, a bar/restaurant/nightclub in town is conducting walk-in interviews this afternoon for hiring experienced bartenders, servers, and chefs. The only drawback is the keyword "experienced." I have certification from bartending school, but have not yet been hired. So, if i don't go, then perhaps I'm just saving my time and theirs. And, mind you, this place has existed forever in town, but in my 32 years (11 drinking years) i've only been there once. It's a typical suburban meet-market, pseudo-upscale place, with DJ's who play nothing I like.

Geez, why did I even think of applying? I'm looking thru the rest of website, and see things like "Utlimate Dance Party on three floors!" Yikes! They even charge a cover. Thank you, Blog, for helping me pick my own brain! Although, I did email them the other day with a resume attached, it's one bridge i don't mind burning. They never replied anyway. I always enjoy having friends visit me at work, but none of my friends would ever come to this place. So, the hell with it!!

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