January 26, 2005

Hang up your coat here

I got the coatrack from IKEA today (see Jan. 14 post). They sent me a postcard yesterday (actually two --both addressed to me with my first name misspelled two different ways) so I went and picked it up after my class today. This time my visit to the store was more straightforward. Other than the fact that you still can't just remain on one floor; I looked for a way around the stairs, but there wasn't any. So I went upstairs and then went right back down the back stairs straight to the cashier; then to the pickup counter. It comes it a flat package, 6 feet long, 1 foot wide, about 10 pounds, and the guy wheels it out to me on a cart. I picked it up off the cart with one hand and walked out; the guy seemed surprised. I got home and put it together.
I am actually enjoying class this semester, so far. Take today's workshop section, for example. First we went over HW problems, then we took a short quiz, and then we work in groups on a detailed problem, which we hand in next week. What's interesting is that we lost track of time and ended up staying after class about ten minutes figuring out the problem.
And then the maitre-d' from Chanticleer called me again. He said he just lost a bartender; I meet with him on Friday. Sounds good!

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