January 18, 2005

About last night...

I wasn't drunk. Don't get me wrong. But there's something about drinking beer (i enjoy Guinness), even just having a few, evenly paced, that gives you that tired, post-binge sobering-up exhausted feeling. But without the binge. Add to that the fact that it was a tired day in general (lack of sleep the night prior) as well as I was out performing at a bar (i'm a musician-songwriter) in a contest, the exaustion makes sense. It was at The Exchange in Rockaway. I didn't emerge as a winner, but I can try again in future weeks. It was a songwriting contest and when I got there I realized I had to pick ONE song to enter, which was a tough choice. I settled on "Distractions," the one song which uses the most of my energy, and requires the most piano technique. Perhaps it was too outlandish. I don't know.

After the contest, they continued with the regular open mic. I noticed these girls trying to remeber lyrics to the Sarah McLachlan song "Angel." I helped them out, saying that I cover the song often. They were gonna do it a cappela, (or "acapello," as they called it; lmao!) but they asked me to accompany. That was a mistake, according to me they were never with me, according to them I wasn't with them. They said thanks but we'll do it acapello now. So I went back to sit at the bar next to my friend Vinny. He said he woudn't have played behind them if they had asked him. They're divas.

Earlier that day I went to apply for a job at a dive bar. The Phoenix in Union. Whatever happens happens.

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