January 13, 2005

THE BARK is born! Lost in the fog...

This being the inaugural post of The Barking Slider weblog. A rant of nonsensical eloquence born on this day of dense fog. I know you don't care about my weather but what I really wanted to chat about was the phenomenon known as FOG. It can be annoying sometimes. It cancels flights. I mean, the fog doesn't cancel flights, the airlines cancel flights because of fog. I once had a flight bringing me home from school in Pittsburgh (I went to Duquesne from 91-95) which was cancelled due to dense fog, which means I had to go all the way back to campus, and back to the airport again the next day. And that's not fun because the Pittsburgh airport is 25 min. outside the city. Keep that in mind if you ever fly to pittsburgh (like if you're gonna watch the Steelers beat the Jets this weekend) and plan to have plenty of cash for taxi fare. So sometimes i would fly back and forth to school (home is New Jersey, btw) a few times i took amtrak and it sucked, but then when I had my car at school i would drive back and forth. And one time, i think it was thanksgiving break, there was DENSE FOG the whole way going home, which was annoying because you don't know where the road is going beyond like fifteen feet or so. So you have to be ever mindful of your driving. In clear weather you can scan the road as far as the eye can see and your subconsious takes over the mechanics of driving. Needless to say, that was a stressful ride home. And that's a seven hour drive. But I did have two friends along for the ride, even though I had no idea what they were up to since I was too busy concentrating on peering thru the fog. And one of the guys payed for everything, which was cool, my gas and all our food along the ride, like the Sbarro pizza we got at the Midway service plaza, which is Mile 147 on the PA turnpike.
But that's enough for now. Glad to be here. Hope I haven't bored you. Feel free to leave your comments and insults.

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