January 15, 2005

The people we once knew

I just had one of those bizarre sightings of a past aquaintance. There is this guy Bill i once worked with at Starbucks, back when I first started in 1996. He started shortly after me, but he was one of a bunch of people at my store who were being trained for a new store that was about to open nearby. But anyway, i'm sitting earlier today in Starbucks, my former place of employment, and I recognize this guy Bill walking in. But he left almost as soon as he entered, he didn't get anything, didn't stand on line, and he left before I could approach him and say hi. He was a strange bird, but quite enjoyable in moderation. I remember us going out one night to hang out with a bunch of folks at the The Melody Bar in New Brunswick (a real cool place that closed down a few years ago), and a few of us rode in Bill's car and he played his car stereo so fucking loud my ears were hurting. But anyway, today he even had a backpack with him, which was also strange, like he was planning on chilling for a while; but he just walked in, looked around for a little while with this creepy grin on his face, and then he walked out and left. Maybe he was driving by and just wanted to check out the old place; but that doesn't explain the backpack. Why would you get out of car and grab your backpack just to go back to your car less than a minute later? Blows my mind. Interesting sighting, no less. Interaction would have more interesting, i gather. Oh well.

I called back the maitre-d' at Chanticleer. He has enough bartenders at the moment, but says he'd hire waiters. But you wouldn't want me as a waiter. So I'll keep up with the job hunting as best as I can.

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  1. Life is strange, and unpredictable. Maybe that's why
    Starbucks' faithfully unaltered flavors are popular.