January 22, 2005

Birthday blizzard

Like I said, tomorrow, Sunday 1/23 is my birthday. It's also National Handwriting Day, but that has nothing to do with me. It's because it's also John Hancock's birthday. When I worked behind a cash register, a guy gave me his credit card and the name on the card was "Jonathan Hancock." I was about to say something, but I figured he's heard it all before and it would just piss him off.

So I made it into NYC to have dinner with a couple of friends. I needed to get out at least one night this weekend, becuase it looks like I'll be stuck at home for most of my birthday. (See weather reference in previous post) I'll celebrate with family at home tomorrow, and catch up with some other friends on a later date. On my way home, I get back to Hoboken, where my car is parked, and walk by Starbucks for a warm beverage, but it's closed. That sucked because it was freezing cold out. (yeah, i know, more fun weather commentary) Turns out it's under renovation for a full week and a half. I peeked in, and it was strange, the whole place was torn apart. A typical Starbucks renovation just includes paint, floors, updating equipment, and necessary repairs; usually just to update the store to the current products and brand image. But you rarely see what I noticed: walls being moved and the entire counter torn away. I'm curious about the results.

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