January 23, 2005

Another Year

At least I got to celebrate my Birthday, a low-key event with family. My brother stopped by and we had a steak dinner and chocolate cake. My two nephews called and sang to me over the phone. The older one, Kevin, asked how old I am. 32 I said. "That's big!" he replied.

I'm tired, but it's only 10:30. It's too early to go to bed now. I know I'm being stupid. If I'm tired, I should go to sleep. It should not matter what time it is. It's embarrasing to turn in this early. And to top it all off, I didn't get out anywhere today. I don't want to get up too early; it may be a late night tomorrow. Then again, a good night's sleep is a very good thing.

Then I watched the stupid Steelers game and it put me in a crabby mood.

My car is still buried in snow, not that I would have gone anywhere. The driveway plower didn't even come until later this evening. I'll have to dig out in the morning.

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