January 19, 2005

Time to kill

Classes begin today. I go to Rutgers. I'm just taking classes as a non-degree student, hoping to enroll in a Master's program. I'm taking Calculus II. Today was the first class, but it was the workshop section with the TA, not the regular lecture with the prof. The TA could very well be younger than me. The guy's a little hyper, he thought I raised my hand when I just brushing hair out of my face, so he called on me. Since the workshop meetings are based on the previous lectures, there wasn't much to cover. We just went over syllabus and Review of topics. I'm here on campus doing this now. Class was out by 12:30, usually 12:50. I have a curling practice at 4:30, and the curling club is not far from the university, so it's a waste for the 40 min drive home, and then back here to the same general vicinity. It would be a waste to go back and forth. Plus, it's snowing.
It took a while, but I found me a computer lab. First I was at a cluster of only three computers in the building where my class is. Then a line formed and I realized people need the computer to do drop/adds. It's been a while since I did the college thing. I see that paper registration has disappeared, but the lines haven't. Go technology!
Go away kids, you can't register now. I'm busy blogging!! So here I am in a lab with a hundred or so PCs. I like my Mac better (and the mouse on the left), but I guess majority rules.

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