January 22, 2005


Here comes the snow. I'm sorry, you don't care about my weather; but I can't help but notice. And if you read anyone else's blogs, they're saying the same things. I'll be stuck here for the next 24 (at least) hours. And tomorrow is my birthday. I was out this morning, breakfast at the diner, then lounge a bit at starbucks, it was packed. People have the same idea: get out while you can. But once the flakes started, I headed home. Even though cars were pouring into the strip mall. Buying last minute groceries. (It's funny, I heard someone call these "French Toast Days" because people stock up on milk, bread and eggs.) The liquor store looked pretty busy too. (Hey, you won't be able to drive anyway.) You knew it was going to snow didn't you? Over a week ago. And it's only because it's the NFL Conference championship weekend (go Steelers!) did we care about this storm so far in advance. If it were projected for Monday, we wouldn't be hearing about it until tomorrow (Sunday) morning, we wouldn't care.

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