January 14, 2005

2nd place

Just got back from the curling club. We lost, but it was a good game no less. (You know, curling, that sport with the sliding rocks and the sweepers on ice.) This currently puts us in a tie for 2nd place in the thursday night league. If we had won, we'd be alone in 1st place, and the team that beat us would have been where we are. So we're 4-2 thus far. Now we play the same six teams again. So anything can still happen. 2nd place is good for me. At least it's a better track than ending 6-8 last year. And two of the guys from that team i'll be playing with on a team in a couple of upcoming bonspeils. (A bonspeil is a curling tournament.) So, that should be cool.
Bunch of party poopers tonite, curlers usually like to stay out late and drink, but everybody decided to be responsible for a change. Only had time for ONE(!) beer. So i'm home earlier than expected. And after ten minutes on the way home, showers suddenly begin, (what fun!) but at least it washed away the dense fog from earlier today.

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