January 14, 2005

IKEA Grand Tour

I just went all the way to IKEA, the swedish furniture megastore; and all I come home with is candles. My main purpose for going was to get me a coatrack; one that stands all by itself on the floor. It's been a chore trying to find one in any store, but i saw one on the IKEA website. It just took forever to locate in the store. In this IKEA you are forced upstairs when you first walk in, even if you don't want to go there, but as soon as you get there you can just go back down the other stairs. I figured it was small enough to be in the self serve area where I could grab the box, but I couldn't find it. And then I looked in the Marketplace section. This is where I got the candles, btw. A box of 50 white tapers, I go thru lots of those, and a couple of 3inch pillars for my brother because i got him candlesticks without candles for christmas, so this completes his gift. But I couldn't find a coatrack in the Marketplace area, and I looked around all the "home organization" section, where the modular closet stuff is. (I did install hooks on my wall once, but they all just fell out eventually.) And so I go back upstairs. And I'm looking thru the Showrooms, and I finally see what i'm looking for; it's only six feet high and takes up one square foot of floor space, but the tag says i need to see an associate. So I get a slip from this snotty girl, go back downstairs pay for my things; and take my slip to pick-up area, and they tell me it'll be 15 minutes. Okay fine. I bring my candles to my car, and park near the loading area and go back in and wait. And i see people who got there after me leaving with carts loaded with big boxes. Where's my coatrack?? When they call my name they tell me it's out of stock. (The snotty girl couldn't find this out?) So this guy sends me to Returns, and I get a refund, and they're gonna send me a postcard when they're back in stock. The guy told me they're in stock in Paramus, the other IKEA in Jersey, but that's a pain in the ass location, unless i try it on a weekday mid-morning. And so went my afternoon.

Before heading to my retail experience, i went thru the ritual of applying for a job. I do that a lot these days, which makes sense since i'm currently unemployed. I'm a certified bartender with bad luck getting hired. So I went to this banquet place, the Chanticleer, and filled out an application, but the maitre-d' was "out at the post office" so I left the app with the receptionist. But when I got home from Ikea, there was a call back from this guy Anthony. Hopefully something good will come out of this.

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  1. Dammmnnn! How many tapers do you go thru, and what is their purpose? Just a curious observer.