February 28, 2005


I was hoping for Johnny Depp to win. My second favorite was anyone other than Leonardo. So, I'm still pleased. Watching the awards while I could have been studying for Calculus. Not that should have, but I do have an exam tomorrow. Going over things would just drive me crazy. I know I know the material. But sometimes I forget that I know. And I drill myself, frantically; each time checking my answer and finding some stupid mistake. So I try another problem, not making the same mistake, but making some other stupid mistake. And so on. Before I know it, it's 4:30 in the morning, I've used 200 sheets of paper and 10 vials of pencil lead. MORAL: If you're good at something, don't try proving that you're bad at it.
I almost opened the book at 3:30 this afternoon. Then, my phone rings. I'm requested to help someone move. SAVED! This coffeehouse I go to lost their lease, but are moving to the next town over. They're packing and moving today. I carried stuff to trucks. Then I drove a pickup for the first time. I shouldn't have answered the question, "Who can drive stick?" I can, but I usually draw the line at 3-speed pickups with no front bumper. That was my excitiement for a while.

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