February 19, 2005


I can never get enough breakfast cereal. The other day I bought a box of Rice Chex. It's almost empty. Such a tasty crunchy treat! I could never make Atkins work for me. Everything I like is pasta, rice, milk, breakfast cereal (anything breakfast for that matter). Actually, I probably would lose a lot of weight with Atkins, because I would eat NOTHING!
I'm just hanging out this weekend. I dropped off Grandma's drycleaning and chatted with her for a bit. I'm about to head into the city to hang with Tracy. No bartending this weekend because they have tiny parties and they have enough people. And next week they are closed for renovations. Anthony, the maitre-d, says he'll call after next week. because there are a lot a parties coming up. He seems eager, and happy to have me on board, so that's good.

I just want some income already! Digging into too much savings, not good, not good.

What a life! I closed up the curling club after Thursday's game. I was among the last few people there at around 12:15am. Crazy thing is that I played the 6:30 game! And it didn't seem like I was there that long.

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