February 26, 2005

More Curling Chat

It's a big day for Curling in the US. Finals today. Basically, it's the 2005 US Chamionship, but they don't call it that. It's called the "2006 Olympic Trials" beacuse the winner represents the US in the 2006 Olympics; but they'll also represent at the 2005 Worlds next month. You see, they have this event every year around this time, and the winning team goes to the Worlds as team USA. But the Olympics is not every year; other years it's called "World Trials." "Championship" would sound so much better than "Trial." I don't get it.
Anyway, I was just listening to the Women's Final. Exciting game, I must say. Came down to a tiebreaker, and this young team beat the '03 World Champ on the last shot. I missed the live moment, however, because I lost my audio stream just when she released the rock. And then I couldn't rebuffer because all the connections to the webcast were full at that time. So I just refreshed the scoreboard page until the final score came up. I was able to get back on to hear the replay.
What bullshit is this that I have to listen to curling championships on a lo-fi internet webcast, that's shaky at best. The numbers show that people will pay attention to curling on TV. Hell, it just jammed the internet. Go to Cananda. You'll see lots of curling on TV. LIVE! On CBC, mind you, that's broadcast TV, not cable. Curling is on Canadian TV like paint on a wall. You say it's boring? Do you watch Golf? Golf is boring to watch. But I still watch it. It has it moments of excitment. How about the Westminster Dog Show? You saw that, didn't you? I'll bet you saw a snippet here and there. DON'T LIE! You waited and cheered for you favorite breed. And that was LIVE! Two nights in a row! And how about the paint on your wall? You watch that, don't you? Of course...especially when it gets dirty! Then you PAY MONEY for more paint. There's a huge market for paint. Two ailses at Home Depot.

US Curling on TV, pretty, pretty please?

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