February 09, 2005

Jesus on my homework.

I got Calculus homework handed back to me today.
The comment was:
"Write more neatly and use less paper. Jesus Christ! You're an engineer!"

I guess everyone at this level of math could consider themselves an engineer, but no, actually I am a lowly math-teacher-to-be. I know I am a sloppy writer, but no one has ever cursed me for it. In fact, never has the world of academics cursed me. (Okay maybe it has.) But, I don't care. Homework in this class is graded by a undergrad "peer mentor" who is always late for workshop and appears to do nothing but collect, grade, and handback homework. Anyway, I have written proof of his violation of the 2nd Commandment (or the 3rd if you're not Catholic), if he cares, if you care. In fact, I really don't care anymore.

I'm off to a bonspiel...

A curling tournament is called a "bonspeil," (I think I mentioned that before) I'm heading out this weekend to compete in the annual Francis Dykes Memorial Bonspiel, which is a men's bonspiel for those people with 5 or less years of curling experience. This is my first time going away to bonspiel. I've played in a few at my own club, Plainfield. But it's also my first time going to an all men's bonspiel, whick is kinda scary. It should be fun, though. It's at this place called Broomstones, which is apparently a very nice facility. My team of four is riding together in one car, how cute!

Anyway, back to my un-godly mess...

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