May 19, 2005

Trump Stumps for the Towers

Thank you, Donald Trump. Now, the effort to Rebuild the Towers has some key support. Hopefully, Donald can wake up the rest of us silent supporters, and that stupid ugly freedom tower bullshit -- that iconic representation of Daniel Libeskind's architectural self-absorption -- will forever remain a legend of the drawing board.
Let me state the obvious: If terrorists destroy the Statue of Liberty, would you want someone to erect some symbolic monument in its place? No, right? You would want it rebuilt.
Terrorists destroyed the towers. They lose if we rebuild them. They win if we don't. They win if, god forbid, we put up those windmills enclosed in that shapeless spire of steel mesh.
So Don, thank you, and save us from the potential of a skyline polluted with chicken-wire.

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