June 09, 2005

Oy! The Heat

No, the time and date stamp is no bug. I forgot about this post I'd started almost a month ago; and was nearly complete but saved it as a draft, to finish later. I must have been distracted somehow (Damn that Wikipedia!) Anyway...
I haven't discussed the weather recently. It's about time I rehash that old topic. It's damn near 90 today, but still, I go out for a round of disc golf in the blaring heat. And at a time of day when moms and their kids usually rule the playground equipment there was virtually no one at the park; just a stupid dad and his 2 kids, a stupid jogger, and a stupid me. But not so stupid considering I did my best score of the season. There hardly ever seems to be any spring-like weather; not too long ago we were complaining about it staying too cold and rainy, and then, BAM!, a fucking heatwave. So stifling. I walk outside and it's a chore just getting around, feeling like you're being cooked to death. I'm better off when it's subzero, you get cold, but that's what clothes are for. I hate the sweating, and the parked car you get into that's like an oven. At least I have access to a pool.

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