May 01, 2005

End of curling season (late)

The ice was shut off today. One month later than usual, because we were waiting for a new compressor back in November, and curling started one month later. Our season-opening bonspeil was postponed to be the season-closing bonspeil, which was held this weekend. I stayed for clean-up during which some members and thier kids brought skates and went ice skating. (Skating is never allowed on a curling rink.) Some of us tried tray-sliding. After a good amount of skating, some of us tried throwing rocks on the destroyed ice. Conditions similar to outdoor curling. It took alot of power to hurl a stone even half way down the sheet. Anyway, it's summer is around the corner. So it was time for hugs and kisses, and temporary goodbyes (even a few tears). More curling in six months...

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