March 08, 2005

Where's my post?

That's funny. I posted by phone on Saturday but it never got here. Bummer. Sometimes it's nice to post in real time rather than sitting here typing and trying to recall something from earlier. Anyway, the other day, when I attempted to post via phone, I was at Cafe Arabica, a not-so-new coffeehouse in my hometown. I went by myself, and the hostess sat me down alone at a table for 4. Shortly thereafter a bunch of people came in to be seated. There was a good crowd waiting for a short while. They could have put a party of two or three at my table, I wouldn't have minded. Nor would I mind sitting at one of the sofa combos for even larger parties, they could just add guests as they need to. But I felt creepy having a table for 4 all by myself. I just sat there and did some Calculus, wrote some lyrics, listened to the musicians: Aerial Acoustics, and, of course, people-watched. I enjoy people-watching. People are so entertaining, don't you think?

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