March 25, 2005

For the sake of posting.

I haven't been all that motivated in recent days. I had a great idea for a story to share, but as soon as a got to sitting in front of the computer one day, i forgot it; and I still can't remember, and it's been killing my motiviation on this site. Bummer! I'll remember eventually.
Today is Good Friday and the mall was packed. I went looking for a gift for my nephew's birthday. Stopped by to say hi to my friend who makes balloon aminals at Johnny Rocket's on Friday afternoons: he was swamped by the big crowds of families.
My bartending job at the Chanticer is coming along. I'm not scheduled this weekend (good! because otherwise I would have to drive to Long Island alone at midnight). The bar mitzfah crowds are annoying as hell, those wild bunches of kids. But I got nice tips from a wedding two weeks ago.
Tomorrow I head out to Long Island to celebrate Easter, as well as my nephew's 5th birthday, (which already happened on the 23rd, but we'll celebrate Saturday.)

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