December 01, 2007

Eat this, Motorola

I dropped my RAZR, then it started going berserk.  Blank screen...dropped calls...frozen screen...and just plain not working at all.  I visited my friendly neighborhood Verizon shoppe, and the associate does what everyone warned me they would do: she opened the back and immediately concluded it was WATER DAMAGE!  Why, because that little sticker dot turned red.  
Let me say again:  I DROPPED the phone (on the floor, not into a lake), and right then and there it stopped working properly.
So, since I was in the mall I walked over to Radio Shack, to see if they had those teeny-tiny funny-shaped screwdrivers I need to take this phone apart.  They didn't, but when I showed the people what I needed it for, they both said I have water damage.  One guy said it was severe.
Anyway, I got the tools I needed from Home Depot.  I took the phone apart (not entirely, just the first stage).  Water damage, you say?  Corrosion? Nope! Dry as a desert inside.  Rather dusty, to be honest.  I figured, when it dropped, it loosened a wire or two, and that was just it.  I snapped some loose connections, put it back together and it works like a charm.
The dot sticker is hardly a indicator of water damage to the phone.  It merely shows that the the sticker itself has been exposed to moisture.  

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