November 25, 2007

Subscription for life

Hey!  I'm blogging and using Safari!  When did this happen?  Blogger didn't previously support Safari.  (Safari is a web browser...created by Apple.)  I used to have to go into Firefox to get the full features of the Blogger post editor, but now I can stick to my default browser for everything.  


I just got the new Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard."  Maybe it's the new version of Safari that's compatible.  Or maybe it's because I haven't posted in several months, that I haven't even thought to check up on these things.  And it's a cool upgrade, although it's rendering almost everything else obsolete.  I couldn't launch my old version of iPhoto, so I had to buy the latest version of Apple's iLife. And all my old versions of Adobe/Macromedia products don't seem to be compatible either.  I'll have to buy new versions of those eventually. 
Upgrades beget upgrades.  Purchases lead to more purchases.  New upgrades require more memory.  You can pay off your car, but you still need new brakes, tires, oil...Pay off a house, but then you need a new roof, windows, carpets.  My cell phone has been crapping out since I dropped it a few days ago.  I'll need a new one of those soon, too.
It seems everything in life is a subscription with mandatory renewal.  


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