June 27, 2007

So close

Thought I had won the lottery, the New Jersey Lottery, that is.
The numbers were drawn:
I had one one my boards:
That's the Jersey Cash5. Choose 5 out of 40. You can see how the placement of the three matching numbers, along with the similarities with the other two, was enough to make me gasp at first. But it was a short-lived moment, and I missed the $225,000 prize. But it still pays $11 for three numbers, so a $6 net gain on a $5 investment is not too shabby.

So back to my crazy life. One of my barista co-workers disappeared the other day and stopped showing up for work. Scheduled for 5 days this week and 5 days next week. Oh...and the manager is on vacation. So we're fending for ourselves at Starbucks. Just like the good old days.

And then my car wouldn't start last night. WTF? I was leaving the movie theatre (Oceans 13, pretty good, btw) It started fine there, took the scenic route back home. Stopped for gasoline, and could not leave the gas station. Attendant tried to push start me, but it didn't work. So I called my brother at 1AM to get me. Mommy and Daddy are out of town. (Oh yeah, I still haven't fledged....but that's another post) I went back myself to try jump starting and it worked. Drove it back home today. Yep..more auto-repair expenses (where's that lottery ticket?)

Woke up this morning with one bitch of a sore throat. I hate being sick. But I think some people like to be sick; sympathy, excuses, IDK? But for that reason, i fear, that when I'm sick, people think I'm using it as a reason to slack off, give a little less, or withdraw completely. I don't like that.

Anyway, 56 hours of work this week, split between Starbucks and the Wedding Mill. Plus the undercharged battery, short staffing, a sore throat...
...but topped with a token lottery win...

Oh...and how I could I forget...all this damn laundry!

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