September 07, 2005

Oh, Hi!

Damn, I have been neglecting this forum, haven't I? My apologies.

This cold just won't go away. I see the doc tomorrow. It's been a month almost. Came on very slowly with a tickle in my throat, didn't fully effect me until 10 days later, with a cough keeping me awake at night, and congestion and all. The worst is over, but not 100%, and this sore throat kinda lingers. The worst of it was when I away in Maine, at my cousin's wedding; particularly in the days leading up, although I was a lot better on the wedding day itself, thankfully; I could drink and be merry.

New Orleans is a low-lying, coastal city, in a swampy river delta, in Hurricane Alley.
I have never been to the area but lets just say I know, as I'm sure a lot of people do, and have thought for some time that a major hurricane to directly hit New Orleans would pretty much put the city under water. I remember watching the forecasts weeks ago and fearing the direct hit would be a major recovery for the city. It shocks me, to no end, that the city, the metro area, and the state seemed to have no preparation for such a disaster.

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