September 10, 2005

Had to do it

Dumbass spammers. I deleted the comment I got from the previous post. How exciting to receive a comment from random stranger in the Blogsphere, but then to be let down by an advertisment for cat furniture. So, I changed my settings. Now you'll have that word recognition security to get past, if you dare to comment.
Getting better, slowly...the doc wrote me up for some Flonase and antibiotics (Omnicef). Although I went out and drank beer last night, watching my friend Vinny play with his band. Killing time right now before I go to work at the Chanticler; my last weekend at that job.
Eeew!...This is turning into a diary entry. I'll quit now.

1 comment:

  1. So you don't like cat furniture? how about Poker? Pill? Porn?

    I'm sure most of the comments in the Blogsphere (including this one) are based on those three products.