July 28, 2005


It's hard to unlearn old habits. I gave up on the Dvorak key layout. (See previous posts) It was inhibiting my typing speed, and I think it even started to bother my fingers. But who has the time to unlearn and relearn these things. So, I back to typing in the ergonomically unfriendly qwerty, as effectively as I ever was. In Dvorak, I was still hunting and pecking.

Our heatwave is over. It's healthy to venture outside now. Not that I haven't been out, in fact, I biked 12 miles in the 98° heat yesterday. It was quiet on the trails, only the die hards were out it seems. Like this lightning fast rollerblader who was ahead of me, and i never caught up to him. I always pass skaters. And he eventually pulls away from my sight; I catch up to him at the end where I turn back, and he's doing push-ups; for God's sake! Another person, a boy at most 13-years old, jogging like he does it every day. If I'm correct, and he went from the parking lot to the pond and back, he jogged almost 4 miles. (Hate to have his knees in 40 years.)

What a mess at the Dancing Goat last night. I went for open-mic night but ended up not playing. The host for the night was horrible. By 10:30, 10 acts had gone, I was #20. The open mic starts at 8pm, and the place closes at 11. The place was over-crowded and hot, I ended up losing any energy to play.

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