October 29, 2005


i care...
i am a bear...i am bare...
i have hair...i am a hare...
i can hare, no, i can hear...no, here...i can HERE....
no, i AM here...I AM HERE!

Did you miss me? I have no excuse for my scarcity. You should beat me down really badly. I should suffer greatly at your hands. Yikes!

Over six weeks it has been, but with my tendency to profusely edit over and over prior to posting, there are numerous draft posts in the well. Some good ones I never finished. Particularly, the account of when I was briefly bartending at popularnationalfranchiserestaurant.

A brand new location of this popularnationalfranchiserestaurant was opening nearby, so I applied, was hired, went through this crazy-ass week of training, all long days of having to deal with the annoying super-happy-energetic corporate trainer types (and one day went 12 hours!). Then we opened and we were busy and I was making some good money. And then after two weeks of being opened, I get the shaft because there are two many bartenders so they have to cut people from the bar schedule. But, in order for the management not to appear mean (yeah), I was offered waitstaff with first dibs on a bar position, whenever one should open. So, I wasn't fired; but, so much for that. I could have just posted the draft I typed on the day the shit went down; I was in rare form, and it's kinda scary. (I should start a b-side blog....ha!) The chanticler would take me back in heartbeat...so once these busy weekends are over (Annapoils next week, a bonspeil the week after) i'll reach out to them.

The good news is that curling season in beginning. Meeting and pickup games tonite at the club, league play starts next week. (and I'm on the really cool team)

Going to buy apples now.

...i am OUTTA here...(for now..)

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