July 26, 2005


I can't write much these days. Maybe it's not that I can't; maybe i just don't. Maybe I don't give myself the permission to create. I have not completed a new song in two years; but strangely enough I managed to touch so many more people with my music during this time. And I get continued feedback that I should be writing for Broadway. (Where does one begin?) Mr. Borlo was a cool high school teacher I had. In my final grade report for my senior year, he wrote a comment stating his concern that I take too long to complete a written response. My writings could be very good, like how I would get an A on a paper done at home, but get C or D on a timed exam. He said I needed to keep practicing my writing and suggested keeping a journal or something like that. So, 14 years later, I'm blogging. I've also made a few failed attempts to start the Artist's Way, a book by Julia Cameron which is kinda sorta a recovery program for blocked creatives. Keeping up with it has been a problem. I block my own creativity. We all do.

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