October 11, 2008

Baked pride

I'm too careful with words.  That's why I hesitate to post here.  How many "comebacks" to this blog should I attempt until I  either remain consistent, or give up all together.  
I got a rare nine (9) hours of sleep last night, but still feeling low motivation today.  I've got work at the Wedding Mill tonight, but a uniquely free Sunday morning.  The curling club has ice, and leagues begin shortly. 

I've got laundry going now...things never change.

I've been working on Grandma's recipie for Chruscik /kHRUS-chick-key/, those flat twisted cookies she always made.  Now I appreciate all the work that goes into them.  The kneading, rolling (verrry thin), shaping, twisting, flash-frying;  considering the time, the labor, and the mess involved, that she kept doing this until she was 91.  Nevertheless, I feel motivated to keep making more.  Tested them out in public for the first time yesterday (Starbucks picnic) and got a request for the recipe; that's an endorsement if any.

Laundry is calling.  Time to iron.

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