July 31, 2008

Awakening the Muse

What do insomniacs do at 2AM?  
We write blog entries.  

Although this would have been entered an hour ago had the modem been working.  A bit of troubleshooting (unplug, plug-in, unplug, plug-in, etc.) then not even a minute after I decide to give up, data starts flowing again.  Good, because I'm still awake.  

I have a gig this Saturday in Princeton at a place called the Halo Pub, it's actually my friend's gig, he asked me play along with him.  I just learned that this is an ice cream shop, while I assumed "Pub" meant Bar.  Should be interesting.  I'm kinda more relaxed about it now.  Bar gigs present a tougher crowd; but cafes, coffeehouses, are a little more relaxed and low-key.  I'm just looking to have a good time.  I'm sure I will.  

I went to open mic night at Cafe Arabica on Tuesday, just to get myself back on stage.  (That place is falling apart.)  I had nothing new to play, but the whole crowd was new to me, so it was new to them, and they seemed to like it, which was cool.  Glad I decided to go.  I should go more often.   It's the parking in Morristown that sucks.  Can't figure out why on a Tuesday of all days.  After driving around for 20 minutes, I settled on a spot on a residential street.  Thing is...it was very steep hill, but I parked, started taking out my gear and then realize, I'm swigging out far from the curb; I need to straighten myself out. (hmmm...)  Attempting to move, I couldn't not for the life of me engage the car in reverse, and it didn't feel right, so I figured i'd find another space.  I hope it's not the car, maybe it's just that I was so frustrated I hadn't found a space yet and I was impatient.  But, still, I had left my keyboard stand leaning up against a phone pole, and had to double back for that.  (I just stopped in the middle of the road with my flashers and threw it in through the front seat!)  And in the end, I found a spot right in front.  All is good.

See you Saturday?  6:30pm?

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