August 14, 2006

Summer bummer

I had to drop my summer class. My Probability class. Well, I didn't have to drop it, I chose to. After getting a lousy grade on the first exam (stupid, stupid, stupid errors!), I put my faith into doing exceptional on the second exam, which I got an okay grade on, not enough to equalize the first. Now I could have put my faith into doing exceptional (again) on the coming final exam; but here's the story: the instructor (a grad student, mind you, not a prof) is so far behind, that with three(3) class periods left, he's left with THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS to introduce! Now, there is no doubt in my mind that I can grasp the concepts in the course, but to rush through three chapters in a week, leaving us students with the burden to go over examples by ourselves, with the task of trying to absorb three chapters in one week's time, as well as prepare for a comprehensive final exam, that I have to do exceptional on in order to equalize my low standing...I don't think so.
I can take it again this fall and get an A.
Not to mention summer classes have more of the brighter students, which sets the curve unnaturally high.

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