June 14, 2006

I Hate MySpace

(Edited to show further hatred.)
What a fucking waste of time...that piece of shit. And no, I'm not just saying that because I regret spending too much time on it....I'm hardly ever on it actually, and I only have a page out of necessity. Consider This:

Scenario 1 -- Friend sends MySpace comment:
  1. Receive and read email notification of MySpace comment.
  2. Click on link to open MySpace in browser window.
  3. Log in to MySpace.
  4. Click on "New Comments" in MySpace profile.
  5. Click on the new comment in the list of comments.
  6. Read message from friend.
  7. Go to friend's profile.
  8. Click on "Add Comment"
  9. Type comment and submit.
  10. View and confirm comment.
Scenario 2 -- Friend sends email directly:
  1. Read message from friend.
  2. Click on "Reply."
  3. Type and send reply.
Which of the above scenarios make more sense to you?

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