February 07, 2007


Where have I been?
Who cares! I won't waste your time with excuses.
Well, I am back at Starbucks. I have been since October. Came back to join the opening crew of a new store that was supposed to open in October but then got pushed back to after Christmas. So, I was placed in a crazy-busy store until the new store opened. And now I work at a store that no one has found yet. It's like being on vacation!
But that's no excuse not to post here. Here's hoping I can be consistent. (HAH!)
I still bartend weekends at the Chanticler, but not this weekend, there's nothing scheduled.
Instead, I'll be in Rochester, NY for the Francis Dykes Bonspiel once again. (recall: bonspiel = curling tournament) Last year we were 4th event winners. This year we hope to remain in the 1st event.
...I can smell it...I really can...
I figure this will be my last year in this bonspiel. I mean, I still can play next year, it will my fifth year curling. But two of the guys i play with won't be able to, and I figure I'll be doing the masters degree full time, so I won't be able to take off long weekends.
Oh! And I met Winter. He's the guy who travels to all the Starbucks in the world. I saw on his blog that he was coming to New Jersey just when the new store opened and wanted to be sure I was working when he made his visit. He's got a documentary coming out called Starbucking.

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