December 31, 2005

Fortune Bust

I had Chinese food the other day and I got this fortune that said, "We should not expect from others what we cannot do ourselves." And I thought, that's difficult, because everyone can't do everything. Let's say one day I want to have children. I am incapable of bearing children. I don't have a uterus. Most guys don't. I will have no choice at that time other that finding someone else, most likely a female with a uterus, to bear me children. I just can't do it myself. Everyone contributes to the world on their own special way, we all help each other out the way we know best. So, the fortune is fundamentally flawed; but I guess I see the underlying spirit of the message: Be grateful. 2005 will be over in less than 8 hours. We've made it through another year. I'm heading to a party at the curling club, bringing some home-cooked pad thai. I'm not Thai; I'm not even Asian, but I love the cuisine.
Have a Happy New Year everyone. Best wishes for a prosperous 2006.
Lucky Numbers: 13, 19, 20, 32, 35, 45

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